This year is all about the cute girls. I know I’m a little late for this first review but whatever here I’m. I watched the first episode of Laid-back Camp (Yuru Camp), and it was relatable. Here is Yuru Camp Episode 1 review.

My Review

Yuru Camp Episode 1

2018 starts with cute girls, and these series have not one, not two not even three but four cute girls. Yuru Camp is about camping and in the first episode we saw Rin the main lead character going out on solo camping to see Mt. Fuji. She seems to do that solo camping a lot as the Lodge manager appears to recognize her.

It is the winter of November in the series, and there are not many people who want to go camping in Winter. So our main lead Rin seem to be alone out there in the camping site setting up her Tent, and collecting wood to make a nice bone fire. The part where she sit’s to read her book after setting up the tent was pretty relatable. I’ve friends who love trecking and camping. They said it’s pretty relatable. I’m a solo traveler myself and seeing Rin sitting alone in the evening in front of Mt. Fuji seems very relaxing.

Yuru Camp Episode 1 Review

The anime was pretty, the opening song sounds like ABC from the Jackson 5. The art is not exceptional, but it is pretty. All the girls seem very cute, and the story is also interesting. For the people who love traveling or love the slice of life anime would love to watch it. In this episode, Rin met another girl who came here to see Mt. Fuji but missed it. Though she stays slept for hours, and when she woke up, it was pitch dark and she missed the view. Nadeshiko is the name of the other girl, she just moved to this new town, she was hungry and she can’t go back because it’s dark and she lost her phone. Rin gave her some ramen noodles to eat and man the way she was eating ramen made me want to have some as well. After getting her stomach full, they get to see the Mt. Fuji, as well as the clouds, get cleared, and the moonlight was enough to brighten up the whole mountain.

The anime got a sweet tone to it, and I liked the first episode. There will be a story that I want to see. Why I didn’t watch it before is the question I’m asking myself after watching it. If you haven’t watched it yet and reading this review, I want you to go and with it, give it a try at least and then tell me what you think. Till then bye-bye.