Young Justice Season 3 is already done with its recording


Last weekend was pretty amazing as the C2E2 convention was taking place in Chicago. Khary Paton has visited the convention as a guest. For those who don’t know Khary Paton played Ezekiel in “The Walking Dead.” Also, Payton is known for his voice acting as he played Cyborg in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. He also played Aqualad in Young Justice.We all know Young Justice was finally renewed for a third season, and it is titled as Young Justice: Outsiders. DC is planing to steam it soon but not sure when. During a session at C2E2, Payton was asked about the Young Justice: season 3 and its progress and here is what he said.

“The recording of all the 26 episodes is already done. Now we all are only waiting for the animation to come back. I saw some of the episodes, and it looks great. I’m so excited for it to come.”

He didn’t say anything about the release date, but he said Young Justice: Outsiders will make his debut before the end of the year.

Young Justice consists of a number of super heroes, and it is one of the fans favorite animated DC series. Last two season has been watched by more than 25 million unique viewers on Cartoon Network.