WTF Moment For All The Dragon Ball Fans – Broly To Appear In Dragon Ball Super Movie


When I saw the poster for the Dragon Ball Super Movie, it took me some time to believe that I am actually seeing Broly in the movie poster. With this poster release, the craze for the movie has raised till the sky & I believe that every DBZ fan is also feeling the same. Seeing the Legendary Super Saiyans brings a lot of questions & one of that is; How Crazy Will The Movie Be?

There is no doubt that after the Dragon Ball Super series we might see the reboot of all Saiyans.

There no information shared on other characters that we might see in the movie, but we are sure that we will come across a lot of information regarding the movie until its release that is by 14th December this year.

During an Interview, Mr. Akira Toriyama said that the Dragon Ball Super movie is going to be more dramatic than ever & they are working on getting more content related to this movie so that fans know what they will.

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