Will Naruto make his appearance in Boruto Episode 47?


What’s up everyone I’m back with another Boruto post. After watching the last episode of Boruto, there are so many questions I’m asking myself. How they were able to create a scroll with all Jutsus in the world. Isn’t it what Orochimaru always wanted? So to answer all these types of question, I’m here with some Boruto episode 47 Spoiler/Predictions/Discussion.

So my first question is how there is a scroll that consists all the Jutsus that are available in the world? And how they can put it somewhere so easy to get from? Well according to me, Naruto sent his shadow clone on he expedition to learn all the Justus. Maybe he did it to prepare himself for the worst, or he just wants to be the best Hokage.

Now the other question which is more like the prediction for the next episode. I think we will see Naruto and Kakashi in episode 47 of Boruto. You might be wondering why I think so? Well, the storage device that is stolen by the Byakuya gang hold all the Jutsus of the world. I don’t think new generation genins can handle them. Old legends have to step in to stop all the chaos that Byakuya Gang is making.

I’m hoping Naruto and Kakashi to make their appearance in the next episode. Boruto Episode 47 will air on 28th February, Wednesday. Till then stay tuned to GeekSnipper for more amazing stuff.