When Night Falls Chapter 5 – The Investigation


When Night Falls Chapter 5

When Night Falls Chapter 5 Release Date: 15 Sept (Expected)

When Night Falls is one of the most interesting Manga series by Yuu Masuko & this has a combination of supernatural & Suspense story. In Chapter 4 we saw how Wataru gets into Baba’s dream and stab a knife into his chest to take revenge for her sister’s death. But, he gets a call from Mishumi saying that he is alive and talking some nonsense.

Having a twist in the story makes it look more interesting and hence when Night Falls Chapter 5 becomes more interesting to wait for. We are not yet sure when exactly the chapter will release, but it is sure that it is going to release before 15th September. In this Article let’s find out what is going to happen in When Night Falls Chapter 5.

What can we see in Chapter 5? 

It’s quite obvious that Baba is going to tell the real story of how he got stabbed in the dream by Wataru. But it is obvious that no one will ever believe this. We will be seeing Wataru in the hospital talking to Mishumi. By the time everyone figures the case, we will see everyone clueless apart from Baba and Wataru.

I believe that Masuko has done all this on purpose to make the series look more interesting. I wonder if he gives the same power to Baba. If that really happens then the chapter will become more interesting.

Now talking about the chapter 5, we believe that in future everyone will know about his power. As Baba is in the hospital, it is obvious that we could see Dr. Kawayama, who had been a victim of Wataru dream attack. There are more possibilities that only Doctor and Baba will know and they might take revenge against him.

There are more changes that Baba could also possess the same power as Wataru, but to know that we will have to wait until the chapter 5 releases. If you have anything related to this series, let us know in the comment below.