What did Vegeta Lose In The End Of Avengers Infinity War?


Right now the internet is filled with the Avengers Infinity War memes. I was checking my twitter feed, and then I saw a post from Toei Animation. Using the Avengers: IF theme they showed what will Vegeta lose when Thanos finally get his hands on all the stones.In their tweet, Toei Animation posted a posted a picture with the reference of Avengers: IF. After seeing this certainly, Vegeta will hold his grudges against the Mad Titan “Thanos.”

We might see some short works containing Vegeta fighting Thanos made by fans and Toei itself. In case Vegeta have to fight with Thanos do you think he can survive?

According to what we have seen in the Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta unleashed his new Super Saiyan Blue, and he has already been in a battle against a god. I think he can take Thanos with two or three infinity stones. What do you think?