We might get to see more than one Snake form in the Chapter 896 of One Piece and What if the Battle will end in a tie?


What’s up everyone, yesterday I read the latest issue of One Piece, Chapter 895. Well just like all the other Fans of One Piece I thought this that this Snakeman Gear 4 would be the weapon enough the battel between Luffy and Katakuri. But in chapter 895, we get to see that Katakuri was able to deduct the strategy of our hero and this Snakesman Gear 4 is not just enough. Now just like a fan, I’m waiting for the next chapter where we will see Luffy using “King Cobra,” while Katakuri will be using his “Sliced Mochi: Slayer.” From what I’ve heard Chapter 896 will be the end of this epic battle.

I know the last Chapter is short, but it was enough to portray a fantastic battle that made us (fans) excited to know what will happen next. Luffy used his Gear 4th Snakeman that certainly improved his flexibility, though Luffy also had to face the side-effects. Saying everything that’s been on his mind is one of the side-effects. To be honest, it was hilarious as the Snakeman enabled Luffy to say things that he was thinking, like when he said about how Katakuri’s blows hurt and how hungry he already was.

In the last page, we get to see both our fighters facing each other and ready to give everything that they got to end this battle by defeating their opponent. The wait is killing all the fans of One Piece and on the top of that Eiichiro Oda went on a weeklong break. Well, we have to wait a little longer to see the end of this epic battle in One Piece Chapter 896.

It’s good now we can make our own theories till the issue of next episode. There are already several theories taking place on different anime forums. The one that I read is by a Reddit user “maxpower8421,” According to him Luffy will win this fight and cause a fatal blow, to the point that Katakuri will be physically ousted from the Mirror World.

Katakuri is different from his other siblings and children of Big Mom. He got his different personality, so in case if the battel will end up in a tie Katakuri might let Luffy go. But I’m not seeing that happening in any case.

Other than that there is a theory that says Luffy will completely be transformed into a snake shape and not just his hands.

Well, the wait is long, but I know you can all wait a little longer to see the conclusion. Till then stay tuned to the GeekSnipper for more amazing stuff.