Violet Evergarden episode 2 arrived and I’m happy that I decided to watch it. There are no doubts that this is one of my favorite anime of the season. The episode is more than just enjoying and here is my Violet Evergarden Episode 2 review.

My Review

Listing about the animation and art or telling you about the voice acting is just not enough. To be honest, there is something in this series that makes me look for more, makes me stick to it and continue watching. There is some that make me want to know more. This episode is an anime original episode and some might think to make an anime original episode that soon in the series is not good for the story. Well, I don’t think so. In fact, for me, it’s completely opposite and I’m supporting Kyoto Animation for doing something like this.

review Violet Evergarden Episode 2

There will be many other anime original moments in this series and they are expanding Violet Evergarden on the basis of its original source. Erica and Iris the two characters that are introduced in this second episode of the series were anime original. I might be wrong but they are not in the original source. But if its true then both the characters make me introduced Violet even better, it surely raised some questions.

Now after watching this episode, I’m actually wondering what would have happened with Violet that made her join the army and then gave her life to become a weapon or a doll to someone else’s hand. Seriously the amount of work Kyoto Animation is giving this series is just amazing. All the art and animation and the anime original episodes were just amazing.

Violet Evergarden Episode 2  review

So basically in this episode, we get to know a little about how much Violet is broken. In my last review of Violet Evergarden, I have told you that Violet seems to be a very broken person and this episode they just showed us how broken she actually is. People in this series are struggling with the PTSD. War is over but not for all the shoulders and they are going crazy to figure out what exactly is going on around. It becomes hard for them to live their lives among normal civilians. Though in case of Violet, adjusting to war less society was not that hard. As she was never in an easy situation. Her life was very struggling since the beginning. Which means she doesn’t what a regular life is. There are few scenes where I find out that Violet faces trouble in communicating with others. She finds it hard to express her feelings. People are angry with this behavior of Violet but it’s not her fault. She never has to explain her feelings as she always followed the orders and never did something for her own.

Violet seems to be a rude person many people but she is not doing all this on purpose. After having a life where you just have to follow other’s orders and don’t have time to understand what and how others as well as you feel, this behavior is normal though it is true that Violet’s character needs some serious development and character building that I’m interested to see. For some Violet might not seem interesting but I’m really interested to know and see her character development. This episode raised some of the questions that I’m already having in my mind.

There was a part where she takes off gloves from her hand we all see her metal arms. Everyone was like can she really type while I was thinking what has happened to her hands. Overall the episode was one of the most interesting episodes. It certainly made me think about Violet.