Another anime that I started to watch without knowing much about it. All I knew is that it’s a Kyoto Animation and it is one of the most hyped series since last year. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to it as there are many others who were constantly talking about this. So, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, I read the synopsis but still, synopsis didn’t tell how good or bad anime is going to be. I’ve watched it and here is my Violet Evergarden Episode 1 review/first impression.

My Review

A solid start, that’s how I want to represent this series. The first impression was so strong and amazing. I didn’t know if I’m going to like it or not but after watching it, Violet Evergarden completely blew me away. Don’t know about the future but if the next few episode is going to just like this then this is certainly going to be the anime of the season. Violet Evergarden is a show from Kyoto Animation and for those who don’t know Kyoto Animation is one of the best studios, their art and animation is just like movies and sometimes even better. Violet Evergarden is licensed by Netflix which is a good thing but there is a bad thing for US viewers as Netflix excluded Violet Evergarden from their winter watch list. It is going to be released later in the spring season in the US. Okay so now let me just talk about the show and the episode itself.

Violet Evergarden Episode 1It is a Fantasy Drama style series, and the settings of the series is after World War. So in the first episode we saw a character suffering from PTSD, the war is over and they are still feeling that they are in better the battlefield. From what I believe it is going to be a series about soldiers recovering from the end of the war. As the war is over but the horrific scenes and memories are not easily changeable. Violet is our main female character, she is a war machine, do what military asked her to do. She doesn’t have her own opinion, she follows what military order her to do. Her last name turned out to be Everard and from what I’ve seen in the first episode she seems to be really broken. And the both PTSD and this main character gave me vibes of a really dark theme. Well, to be honest, that attracts me.

Violet Evergarden the character, took all my attention and I want to know more about her. She doesn’t do anything of her own will. She waits for order and does what her superiors asked her to do. There was a scene in the episode where the retired colonel has to tell her to pick her cutlery and eat. There are so many parts where she showed that her character is so much broken and there are some people around her trying to help her. Violet Evergarden is a really deep anime, if you have watched it I can talk to you all day about the anime. Finally found some good animes to watch and fall in love with. Can’t wait to see next episode.