Venom 2nd Trailer Looks Dope!


The Venom first trailer came out on 24th April 2018 & after then, there were no major talks happening around the movie. But, today we have something really interesting to talk about. Today Venom 2nd trailer is out & trust me it looks Dope.

The 2nd trailer gives you a clear intention that the movie is all about aliens. This new trailer shows more action as compared to the 1st Trailer. The biggest & the most unexpected part of this movie is how the Venom, have Tom Hardy (Playing Eddie Brock) & Riz Ahmed (Playing Dr. Carlton Drake) combines with that Venom  & makes him giant.

With this new trailer, it has become clear that Eddie & Drake will get possessed with the demon, but Eddie will definitely get rid of Venom. Also, It was confirmed by Variety that we will see Woody Harrelson, but his role is still kept a secret, but sources it is said that he might play a henchman role.

Rumors say that he might play Cletus Kasady character. According to the recent statement, he said that he will have a very small role that will appear hardly for a minute in the Movie. Later he also said that he might be seen as the main role in the 2nd part of the movie. It is yet to be confirmed after he reads the script.