Urashiki Otsutsuki – The Biggest Threat To Boruto



We have seen Boruto Episode 66 & we already know about what’s going to happen in Episode 67. In the end f episode 66, we did see how Urashiki talks to himself about Boruto & it becomes clear that he planning something really big.

After looking at a few of his statements, it seems that Boruto is going to become the biggest threat to him & his clan. Also, you can figure out the consciences going to happen in the future of Boruto. So what I have decided to take all those statements from Urashiki & discuss on this.

So that’s who Mr. Toneri was observing.

With this statement of his, it is quite clear that Boruto’s Tenseigan is from the Hayug clan from the moon. What else it confirms that Boruto has the power to operate the moon & can be been a pathway to connect both the dimensions.

Tonari observing him means there is something much more than what we are expecting. WIth the earlier episode 66, it was confirmed that Boruto has the power of Ōtsutsuki clan & now after killing the god, he is nearly powerful to the god & that is what bothering Urashiki.

He would pose a threat to us in the future

Reading the sentence properly, it is quite clear that Urashiki is not the only member from the Otsutsuki clan. There are few more who will be seen in the future episodes. We already know Kara from the Anime & is expected to be heard soon in the episodes.

It could be best to take preempted measure now. Either way I think this is going to be quite interesting

With this, it is quite clear that the future of Boruto is going to be tough. There is no doubt that Urashiki will definitely go for Naruto’s & Boruto’s chakra & it has the great potential.  We will yet have to see what all precautions that Urashiki is going to take. Whereas it also seems that he already know about Kara & he knows what is coming in the way of Boruto.

With these statements, Urashiki leaves a lot of open questions on what exactly are we going to expect in the future episodes. Also what this new Boruto’s power is all about.

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