Update On One Punch Man Season 2

Image Source: ForneverWorld

It’s been a long since I was waiting for the second season of One Punch Man. It’s very rare to get the second season of any anime in a year. Fan’s of Attack On Titan can understand what I’m saying. It took them a couple of years to release the second season. Same is the case with One Punch Man. Creators of One Punch Man mentioned the second season was in progress way back in 2016. But there was no news or updates after that. Fan’s are growing desperate to hear from the officials of One Punch Man.But a recent appearance Chikashi Kubota on social media has made the fans buzzing again about One Punch Man.
There is a tweet from a fan attending an anime convention in which he shared his chat with Kubota. You can see the tweet below.

So basically Chikashi Kubota said that that the FLCL 2 trailer is finished and should be made come out in the next week or so. Other than that when he was aksed about One Punch Man season 2. He said it would be out before Evangelion Final.

Certainly, the news made fan start talking about the One Punch Man again. Also, it got us; fan’s more excited about the second season.Though talking after talking to the fan later, it is clarified that Kubota was addressing it in a joking manner. Which means there is still no date when the trailer of One Punch Man season 2 will be out.