Ultramarine Magmell is receiving anime adaptation from Studio Pierrot


Another Manga title from Shueisha is going to receive its anime adaptation this time it is “Ultramarine Magmell” which you might also be known as “Gunjō no Magmell.” The manga was listed in Shonen Jump+ which an online platform. The series was first listed in the Shonen Jump+in 2015.

The manga title is not what interests me to write this post, but the team who are going to work on this project made me write this. Studio Pierrot is going to be the studio partner for the series and if you don’t know Studio Perot is the one who worked of Bleach, Black Clover, Tokyo Ghoul: re, etc.

Other than that the series is directed by the Hayato Date and if you don’t know who he is then let me tell you he is the person who directed my favorite Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The script is provided by the same screenwriter who is working on Tokyo Ghoul: re and his name is Chūji Mikasano.

The story is following our main character named as Magmell. Suddenly day in the middle of the Pacific ocean a new continent appeared out of nowhere. This new continent is a box of mystery holding many secrets like new mysterious plants, creatures, and minerals. The anime is following our main character and how he explores this new continent.