Two New Ninjas Characters To Appears In Boruto Episode 73


Boruto Episode 73:The other side of the moon”

Release Date: 13-Sept

Mitsuki’s arc is getting interesting. Episode 72 leave a lot of things for us to talk about. In the beginning  of the Episode we saw how two Leaf Ninja’s get attacked by two new Ninja characters covered with bands all over their face. Also we saw Boruto breaking the rule to get his friend back. Watching the episode, it is quite clear that Mitsuki is been manipulated.

Our major concern here after watching this episode is about the two new ninjas & also the group that is there behind all this. If you look closely you will find that both these Ninjas had some similar power that we have seen in Naruto.

Who Are These Ninjas? 

Talking about these Ninjas, one of them had the same ability like Kakuzu. Which means that this Ninjas are no one but the same from the Village hidden by Water (Takigakure). We haven’t seen his real power, but we believe that he might also have more than 3 hears like Kakuzu. Whereas the other ninja is a Art Ninja who has the ability to explode Art that we saw in Deidara.  

With this power we wonder on how will Boruto & Sadara will manage to fight against them. We might also see Konahamaru with Sai to appear in Boruto Episode 73 as expected by rumors. We still wonder about the group that is involved in this.

If you remember about the early episode 25 of Boruto where we saw how the Shizuma manipulates Kagura, we believe that this episode will have some similar story. 

This episode is going to air on 13 September, where we will get to know everything about Mitsuki’s will & also about people involved in manipulating. Apart from this we will also get to know about his family background and also other side of the moon, which is Boruto.

As the title, “The Other Side of the Moon” clearly indicates about Boruto as his is Mitsuki’s Moon. We will see how Boruto will fight to get Mitsuki back to the village. So, what do you think about the Episode 73? Do share us your thought on the comment below.