Tsunade The Fifth Hokage Will Make An Appearance In Boruto Episode 72


Boruto Episode 72

Boruto Episode 72: Mitsuki’s Will

Release Date: 06-September

It has been a while since Boruto series has release & there is nowhere we saw Lady Tsunade. Boruto Episode 72 is releasing tomorrow & according to the Preview, it has been confirmed Lady Tsunade’s will appear in this episode.

We are not sure about her role in this episode, but we believe that it is connected to Mitsuki. Knowing that Orochimaru & Tsunade are medical ninjas which gives a lot of room to doubt to see Tsunade’s involvement with Mitsuki in this episode.

We believe that Mitsuki has First Hokage’s cell & the only reason we are saying this because of his color. If we remember about White Zetsus who were made of First Hokage’s cell has some similar appearance. Achieving the sage mode with such power make our belief strong. Also, he is one of Orochimaru’s successful experiments, which make it more obvious to believe.

In this episode we We will see how Boruto & Sadara will feel bad about not knowing anything about Mitsuki. No matter what it is confirmed that the episode will unfold a lot of secrets about Mitsuki, which will get to know tomorrow in Boruto Episode 72.