Tribute to One Punch Man- Saitama’s sketch on the snow


Everyone loves Saitama and there is no doubt in it. One Punch Man is the most appreciated anime as well as manga. Seeing the most simple character, turning the scene from comedy to action in just a blink made it enjoyable for its fan. The plane face with almost zero expressions stayed as the center of conversation for a very long time now. People laughed at the character when its manga arrived. But now things have changed, people love One Punch Man, I love it, I’m still trying to become like him. Every night I do intend workout, planing to do 1000 push ups, 1000 squats, and 1000 pull-ups to become like Saitama. Though I can’t do 10 push-ups perfectly. Maybe I should train more than watching anime.

Jokes apart, I saw something really amazing on the credit page, I saw a tribute to our main character of One Punch Man, “Saitama.” I never thought other than making us laugh Saitama’s simple face could make it easy for its fan’s to draw his face on the snow. Reddit user 4Arl shared this sketch of Saitama drawn over the football field which is covered with the snow. The sketch is very accurate and seems to be a very nice art. This tribute to Saitamas face definitely made the day of his fans. Though fans still have to wait for the 2nd season of One Punch Man.

If you are unfamiliar with the One Punch Man series and still reading this post then let me tell you things that you need to know. Story follows a regular working man named Saitama. Who one day fought against a villain and since that day he decided to become a hero. Just by going through intense training everyday, he is able to get the ultimate strength. Looking for a powerful anime he joins the Hero Association, he thought that way he will be able to fight against a proper anime. But every fight he fought ends up with his one punch. Saitama is a hero with ultimate power (he might be the strongest character), disconnected from the world he showed us some really good comedy and action as well.