Top Anime of All Time


Top 5 Anime

If you are new into Anime, then you might be confused about selecting the best Anime for you. The same had happened to me when I started watching Anime series. Hence, to help find the best anime, here we have come up with the list of Anime series of all time that everyone should watch.

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Naruto is one of the most famous Anime series in the Industry. This is a story about a Leaf village Ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. He is son of the 4th Hokage, who was killed during the attack of the 9 tale fox in the village. During the battle, he seals the 9 Tale fox inside Naruto, so that the ninja world stays in peace.

This Anime comes in 2 parts, one is Naruto & another one is Naruto Shippuden. Naruto itself comes with 5 Seasons with a total of 220 episodes, whereas the Shippuden comes with 21 seasons with 500 episodes.

This anime has a mixture of comedy, action, ninja, emotions, story & etc. In this Anime series, you will find how Naruto becomes a hero by saving the Ninja world from the most powerful enemy, Kaguya Otsutsuki. If you haven’t watched this episode, then it’s time to start.

2Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

Fullmetal Alchemist was aired in 2003, directed by Yasuhiro Irie & written by Hiroshi Onogi. This series is an adaption of all 27 Manga volumes. This Anime is a story about two brothers, Edward & Alphones, who were raised in a remote village of Amestris. Their father a famous alchemist.

Later after her mother’s death, the story of a boy begun traveling the world to improve his Alchemist training under Izumi Curtis. After their training, they try to revive her mom back to life, in which Edward loses his leg & his brother. To get his brother back, he sacrifices his arm & revives his soul in the nearby suit of armor. They later become a State Alchemists. During their journey, they investigate the Philosophers stone, which is one of the Government’s conspiracy.

3Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z series is still one of the most loved Anime series of all time & was released 5 years later the Dragon Ball Anime. This Anime series is all about Goku & Raditz an alien who arrives on Earth to find his lost brother Goku. He reveals Goku that they are from a race called Sayins & want him to help to conquer the planet earth.  Goku refuses to help Raditz, which in return kidnaps his son Gohan.

Later to defeat him, Goku team up with Piccolo to save his son. During his battle, he loses his life. In his afterlife, he trains under the North Galaxy, King Kai learning different techniques.

The whole Dragon Ball Series is a journey to acquire more power, adventure & intense battle.


Bleach is another famous Japanese series having 366 episodes. This Anime series is an adaption of Kubo manga. This series contains different arc’s that make it interesting to watch the Anime. This Anime is a story about a boy, Ichigo Kurosaki, who becomes a Rukia’s Soul Reaper substitute.

This Anime is all about sprites & their power. You will see some intense action in this anime series. The best part of this anime is that the whole story is divided into different arc’s, which makes it easy to adopt the anime no matter from which arc you are watching.

5One Piece: 

One Piece is another interesting & ongoing Anime series. This Anime is about a boy Luffy, who accidentally eats a Devil fruit that turns him into a rubber man. His aim is to become a pirate king & hence in a journey to build his own crew.

Later he joins hands with different people & asks him to join his Pirate crew, “Straw Hat”. After building his crew he goes on a journey in the hunt to find a treasure, One Piece. This is one of the longest Anime series and is running in the industry since 1997. Later in the journey to find One Piece, Luffy trains himself in a jungle mastering Haki.

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