Top 3 upcoming 2018 anime I’m excited about


Hey, what’s up guys I’m back this time not with another episode review but something better than just that. In this post, I’m super excited to tell you all about the top 3 Animes that are going to release in 2018. Just for you to get excited as well this list involves Batman.

Top 3 upcoming 2018 anime I’m excited about

Devilman Crybaby

Let start with the one which promises us to show super powered demons. Devilman Crybaby, it is the anime I’m very excited about directed by the Masaaki Yuasa and created by Science Saru this anime is going to release in 2018 and will release 10 episodes. What makes me excited about this series is the chaotic style that Devilman manga and other Yuasa directions showed us in the past. They both Devilman and Yuasa will compliment each other and I just can’t wait for the year 2018. I’ve read the manga and if you have watched the Yuasa’s previous work then you must know what I’m talking about. It will be releasing on January 5th and as this is going to be released on NETFLIX we can see all the episodes at once. The trailer that shows the Opening song, some demons and voiceover acting is already out and you can watch it on YouTube as well.

Batman Ninja Movie


Have you ever imagined Batman doing crazy Ninja stuff? Well, I’m a very big Batman fan and to be honest I did imagine him as a Ninja. Lucky for me, there will be a Batman Ninja movie releasing in 2018. Studio and director are unknown but the trailer is out and you can watch it on YouTube. Seeing Batman wielding a sword was always like a dream to me and now seeing Batman wielding a katana is just so breathtaking. Riding a horse, wearing a black samurai armor and fighting Samurai Joke with the help of his Katana is what we are going to see in this new Batman Movie.

Junji Ito: Collection

Do you like horror genre? If yes then this one is for you, Junji Ito: Collection is the name of this anime and it, not an action genre it is a Horror anime. Release dates are yet to be confirmed but we know that Deen studio is the creator and Shinobu Tashigara will be directing this series. I don’t think I’ve to describe this one as the name Junji speaks for itself. Still, if you don’t know than Junji Ito is the name that shows the most horrifying manga in the history. Junji Ito creates the wildest and horrific scenarios in the manga. This series will be a collection of his work. Certainly, it will in short form but it suits perfectly for his collection as his longest manga is only of 4 volumes.

So these are the top 3 anime I’m excited to see in the early of 2018.