Top 10 Best Cat girl Animes


Top 10 Best Cat girl Animes

If you are an anime lover, you have come across some cute female characters with a cat-like appearance. In Japan, Catgirl animes had driven special attention in people from the first release. It is all because of their cute face and doll-like appearance, which symbolizes the carton beauties. The animators have made their faces the same as a cat and added human behavior to overload a girly feeling. From that time, catgirl’s image remained as an emblem of representing female characters in anime movies. Till now, more than thousands of cat girl animes are out on the web. This post will look upon the best catgirl animes that you must watch.

Top 10 Best Cat girl Animes

1. Mayoi Neko Overrun! (Ft- Nozomi Kiriya)

A Japanese novel by Tomohiro Matsu enlightened the story of this anime. It featured the cat girl Nozomi Kiriya; a girl picked up from the train station while going home. She used to work at a shop named Stray cats owned by her adoptive sister. The story is all about the orphan cat girl’s struggle and how she meets her friends again in school.

2. Show By Rock ( Ft- Cyan )

The story of this anime share quite similarities with the famous movie Jumanji. In this show, a catgirl named Cyan gets stuck inside a mysterious video game. To come out to the real world, she has to clear all the other dimension barriers. She had to go through many adventurous situations to save her life.

3. Nekopara (Ft- Vanilla )

Nekoosa is a catgirl anime series broadcasted by Sekai Project. It went so popular that developers even start making android games relating to the theme of the series. It featured a girl name Vanilla and more cat girl animes character who live with human beings. Other catgirls in the series were Coconut and Chocola. All the names were inspired by chocolate flavors to make it unique.

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4. Da Capo ( Ft- Yoriko Sagisawa )

The “Da Capo” anime is inspired by the story of Japanese adult novels. It’s storyline featured seven catgirls in the predetermined scenario. Yoriko Sagisawa is the leading character in the episodes.  The anime took a fictional turn when most of the catgirl from this movie featured in several PlayStation games.

5. Princess Connect! Re: Dive ( Ft- Karyl)

This anime got broadcasted on Japanese TV channels and gained a lot of popularity cat girl animes movie. It is all about the story of Kiruya Momochi with long white hair and green eyes. She is a catgirl with a soft heart who always gets ignored by her parents. She had some good moments with her friend named Kyaru in the tale.

6. High School DxD (Ft- Koneko Toujou)

It is all about the story of a high school in Hyoudou. The devils living in the school reincarnated some students into evil and manipulated them to kill other innocent species. Koneko Toujou is the leading character of the story that helps high school students to assassinate the devils and save the city.

7. Soul Eater (Ft- Blair)

This cat girl anime series reflects the anecdote of spirits and ghosts. The school students tried their best to stop the rebirth of Kishin, who was the God of evil. The witch in the story tried to collect 99 souls and gifted them to the evil God. But, the twist came after the entry of the catgirl named Blair. She attempted to stop the wrong God and save the world.

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8. Onigiri (Ft- Ibaraki-Douji)

It is all about the story of eight glamorous catgirls who drive to battle against Kamikui. In the beginning, they got some misconception between them. But, in the end, they were able to defeat the evil Kamikui after carving a strong squad.

9. Tokyo Mew Mew ( Ft- Ichigo Momomiya)

The comic of the Manga series inspires the story of Tokyo Mew Mew. It is among the oldest cat girl animes. In the beginning, girls were not cats, but some scientists turned them into this character by the DNA infusion method. They got superpowers after the experiment and help the people from falling into danger.

10. Cat Planet Cuties ( Ft- Eris)

The story of this series is taken from a Japanese novel by Eizo Hoden. It depicts memorable alien cat girl animes in the story with curvy figures. It has magnified both romantic and fantasy storyline with some flirty fun. The lead character of the story is Eris & Kio.

Final words:

Many people still search for cat girl animes because the character has stamped a special place in their hearts. The above list of animes gives a brief idea about the storyline of the anime series. It’s all now depend on the interest which story of cat girl attracts you the most.