Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Girls

Erza Scarlet - Most Beatiful Anime Girls
Erza Scarlet – Most Beautiful Anime Girls

Anime is the world of Fantasy and Beauty and there is no doubt in it. I’ve been stuck in this fantasy for ages now and I’ve seen more than enough beauty in this world. So here is a list of Top 10 Beautiful Anime Girls.

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1Erza Scarlet

Beauty is not the only factor to become the best of the best among thousands of beautiful girls and Erza knew it. She is smart and sexy, beautiful and strong, a deadly combination isn’t it? She is my favorite Swordsman and I’m in love with her. She is the most beautiful anime girl and when we see her fighting, OMG!! it’s like watching an Angle Dancing, covered in her beautiful and shiny combat suits.

Erza embrace her beauty, she had a rough past (one of the saddest one), her childhood love ditched her, sacrificed but still, she is a perfect beauty as she knows how to forgive. She is tough and shows hard love but she is one of the kindest people in the anime worlds. I can compare her with Naruto in terms of kindness. She takes cares of her clan and especially she takes the responsibility of two crazy brats of her clan Natsu and Grey.

She is beautiful and just like every beautiful girl she also had a love story a sad one just like mine but an epic one just like mine. Erza is known as the queen of Faries and for sure she is the queen of my dreams as well.


If was having a discussion with my gang on who’s there favorite anime girl and most of them take Sakura’s name before they take Hinata’s name. To be honest, I didn’t agree with it, Sakura was just the ain character of the series and she is surely not the one who deserves this spot that’s why I gave this spot to Hinata Hyuuga or may I say Hinata Uzumaki.

Just one this list is not only made on the outer beauty of the Anime girls but we also take the personality and her story into the consideration. Hinata is the best, she was willing to sacrifice her life for Naruto. She is in love with Naruto and thankfully her love story comes to a happy ending and now watching Naruto and Hinata together I can just say that they both are the most Lovable characters in the anime world.

3Asuna Yuuki

If you are a Fan of Sword Art Online then there are good chances that you are in love with Asuna. Well, I was, when I was watching the series. Girls and deadly weapon is just something that we men can’t resist and more than that she is also one of the cutest girls in the anime world.

At first, I was so into her but later her love story started and I started to love her love story more than her. She is an amazing fighter and also she knows how to cook delicious food. She is a relatively new and very lovable character.

4Konata Izumi

Just like her name she is the cutest one in this list. A character from the series Lucky Star she a girl who is a bro from inside. She is a fan of anime and there are chances that she is into more animes than you. She’s the kind of girl with whom you’d love to sit on your couch and watch anime all day and then fall in love. Her character is the loveliest one and she is just so cute.

Though I wanted to take her to my gaming station and play video games with her coz I already had watched anime with her. TheeHee!!

5Rangiku Matsumoto

Again Swords and Girls, Rangiku is the character from series Bleach, yup the series that showed us some of the most amazing Swords and Sword fights. Not just her sexy and seductive figure but her laziness is the thing that attracts me towards her. I mean that’s what I can relate with, Laziness.
Just like me, she doesn’t like paperwork and she is also a procrastinator just like me. Omg! there is so much common between us. She just loves to drink and I love to take her out for a drink. But just like many other girls, she has a love interest. Ichimaru Gin the former 3rd division captain who died to protect her. Her love story didn’t come a lot on the screen but as being a true fan as I can see things that most of you don’t, she really loved him and their bond was just something stronger than anything.

6Lucy Hearfilia

I don’t have to introduce her, you all must know her and knew that she is a celestial wizard form the Fairy Tail Guild. I know most of you must be thinking if I forget about her. She is one of the cutest girls and everyone loves her, She is a new wizard who always on the team with Natsu.
She is Kind and Brave, helpful and courageous she is the one whom I love to see with Natsu and knew that he pretty be safe,
She is childish, her laugh and her affection towards Natsu is something that not just me but we all love to see. If you are in love with her then you must have to know that there is a big line for that as not just you but her celestial spirits also want to go on a date with her.

7Taiga Aisaka

All the watchers of Toradora must know what I’m going to talk about now. Taiga is the character from Toradora she is tiny and cute. Other than her beautiful face her personality is simply like a firecracker. She won’t hesitate to beat any guy. So if you like her and dreamed to take her out on your fantasy just remember first to win her affection and then ask her out. Otherwise, you’ll end up with just a purple eye, and I’m just sharing my experience with you.

She is full of energy and watching her is just so amazing.

8Kurisu Makise

Ranked at number #4 anime, Kurisu is the character from Steins; Gate. It’s very easy to see why everyone loves her. She is pretty and she is smart as well. Her character is one of the best and I can bet that there is no one who can pull off the jacket from her shoulder.


She is the character from one of my favorite anime Inuyasha and she is a kind-hearted, sweet girl. She is nice to everyone and this just makes her my favorite. There was a time in the series when she thought that her love Inuyasha would pick Kikyo, she didn’t leave his side and always fought along with her side. Her heart was broken but she still stayed and believe me that was not easy.


She is the hottest character on the list and most of you might think that she is annoying and she should have to be on this list. Then just remember she had been through a lot and she is still sweet at her heart.
She is very strong and powerful and watching imagining her just transferred the stream of fear in my spine.