Toonami is debuting Goku Black’s new voice


Goku Black is the only thing that the fans of Dragon Ball Super are waiting for till now. For those who don’t know Goku Black is the villain from the Future Trunk’s saga.For the sake of his fan’s last night, Toonami ends his fan’s wait by debuting Goku Black’s new voice when the episode 47 ‘Future Trunks’ saga of Dragon Ball Super aired.

As you can see, Toonami aired Sean Schemmel’s new take on Goku Black last night when episode 47 aired. The dark installment saw the ‘Future Trunks’ saga get underway as audiences watched the hero’s world get wrecked by a mysterious villain. At first, Goku Black was kept in the shadows as he delivered a series of deadly attacks, but he could only stay hidden for so long.

The first speech of Goku black is going to be like, “It’s about time, Saiyan,” Goku Black tells Trunks when they meet face-to-face. “You’ve been running around making messes for too long, and I want to choke the life from you. I can’t wait to watch you die.”