To 10 Powerful villains in Anime World


A villains is always more powerful than the Hero the only thing that makes him lose is his/her motives. A hero always fights for good motives but villains always pursue their self-satisfaction. So in this post, I will be talking about top 10 Villains in Anime world. I might not do the complete justice but I’ll try my best. If you think I forget to mention some good names feel free to comment and let me know.

To 10 Powerful Villains in Anime World

Madara From Naruto Shippuden:


This one is the most powerful villain according to me just because he got plans for 100 years and more in advance. He gained his greatest power in the series and he was able to revive himself even after his death and manipulated others in death just to revive himself. He is the true villain and represents the pure hate. Just to show how evil he is, at the presumption of peace with Konoha, his decisions were only either to rule it or destroy it.


Johan Liebert From Monster:

Johan Liebert

One of the best if not the best character in any anime as a Villain. He is the best Villain and there is no doubt in it. He is a fictional character but surely he is the one who can scare me. He doesn’t have any power but he still can give nightmares. HE only uses a gun but the most effective weapon of Johan is the way of talking he is incredible in manipulation. The way he manipulates peoples mind just to make them commit suicide is too horrible. I want to keep him at the top because of this terrifying way of talking but Johan don’t get any physical power.


Light Form Death Note:

Death Note

Death Note is one of my favorite series and Light is just so evil. I know many of you see him as an anti-hero character but did you forget Light murdered countless innocents and explained his actions by adhering to the belief in the results justify the actions. He is a cold-blooded killer. I don’t like him if he was not the main character and just because he was the main character we see him as a protagonist. There are many powerful villains in the anime world but he can kill anyone just by writing his name and he got the brain.


Yhwach From Bleach:

Source: anime.aminoapps

I am a beard lover and the facial hairs on Yhwach’s face gave him the perfect villain appearance. Other than his mutton chop, Yhwach possesses some truly unparalleled powers. He got the power to heal individuals and, in turn, gets improved senses once they died. To make it easy to understand Yhwach can simply pass a part of the soul to others and allow them to plow until he’s ready to take it back from the individual. By lending his healing power he gets the half of lifespan of individual he helped the interest for his help.

Aizen From Bleach

Source: Heith Yoruichi

Former Captain of Squad 5, leader of all Arrancars. Almost as powerful as the Head Captain Yamamoto that too during his time in Soul Society. Not just this but after his subjugation of the Hogyoku, he actually becomes immortal. He is the man who learned and mastered every single form of Shinigami combat. Just like Madara, he is able to plan out war 100 years in advance. He is extremely powerful and deserves a better place on this list but he is simply overpowered villain.


Doflamingo From One Piece:

Source: Villains.Wikia

Who doesn’t like a funny, stylish and powerful Villain? Well, Doflamingo is just so powerful that Law proposed that if Doflamingo retires from his position, the Marines will assign their top fighters, the admirals, against him. Also just being powerful is not enough for him and that’s why he is the most stylish villain in this list.

Frieza From Dragon Ball Z:

Source: Comic Vine

Talking about Villain we can not forget about Frieza. He is the evilest villain in the entire DBZ franchise. Facetious murder all done with a just a cold and calculating smile on his face. I believe Light is the evil and cold-blooded murder but when Frieza erased the entire race of the main character I gave it another thought and now I can say he is the evilest. He is not the powerful among all but he is the evilest among all.


Kid Buu From Dragon Ball Series:

Kid Buu
Source: flashlarevista

Kid Buu is the one Villain who made me laugh and made me scared for our lead characters just because the way he acted. Kid Buu is powerful, comedic, and just evil.

Hisoka From Hunter x Hunter:

Source: comicbook

No morals, no ultimate goals, no end game or noble causes. Hisoka only wants to kill people and that is what makes him the one of the most powerful Villain. He is an originally written character who seeks for his own entertainment by facing a strong opponent.


Izaya Orihara From Durarara!!

Izaya Orihara

A Villain who says he loves all the humans but uses them under his paws (just like politicians in our world). For him, the world is just a game and he changes the rules a lot. Just like Johan, he doesn’t poses any supernatural power but his power of manipulating people is what makes him part of this list.