The Seven Deadly Sin: Prisons Of The Sky – First Trailer Is Released


After launching the second season of one of the most excellent anime “The Seven Deadly Sins.” The franchise is all set to launch the anime movie, which is titled as “THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS THE MOVIE: PRISONERS OF THE SKY.”

The Premier is set to be released on August 18 in Japanese theaters, some of the Americans will also be running the movie.Now the second season is still not available on the Netflix list, and it is sure that the movie is releasing before. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS THE MOVIE: PRISONERS OF THE SKY” covers some big spoilers, based on an original story created by the manga author Nakaba Suzuki. The main time of the story is set between season one and two. Covering the part of season two will be referencing as The Ten Commandments which is the main enemy of the second season.

Although by now the fans would have used the illegal websites to watch the season 2 instead of waiting for it to come on Netflix. So, it won’t be a big problem.

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