The Gamer Chapter 240- Spoiler & Release Date


Manga Chapter: The Gamer Chapter 240

Release Date: 14- Sept

Status: Aired

The Gamer Manga chapters are quite interesting & have been reading this Manga Series quite a long time. This Manga series has reached its 239th Chapter & we are expecting Chapter 240 is going to be interesting, as we are going to see Jee-Han fight against the Snake dragon with his some magic stick he bought it during some deal.

We saw how Jee-Han gets surprised to see Sun-II reaching level 102, which is quite obvious of his work for 10 years in the Abyss Realms. At the beginning of chapter 239, we saw how Jee-Han uses his power “Taiji Blast of 5 Elements” during his training, which really surprises. The bigger surprise here was to see how his MP level to grow drastically even after using so much of his power.

The Gamer chapter 240 will be aired next week, but we are quite interested to know more about what’s going to happen in Chapter 240.  It is sure that we will see some action, hence let’s find out what we expect from the chapter 240 of The Gamer.

Our Expectation: 

We have already seen Jee-Han using one of some stuff he has received from the last deal in the Abyss, that he is going to use against the Dragon Snake.  Also talking about Shi-Yun is already been trained to use the “Yeonhon Taiji Mastery Of Two Will” & because of which she can use Astral Projection of Taiji. Along with this, she is also capable of using black flame as well as blue flame, which make Jee-Han even stronger.

In the Gamer Chapter 240, we will be seeing how Jee will be fighting against the Dragon Snake without knowing his ability. There might be a lot of surprises that we might see in this episode. As we have seen Jee training the Taiji Blast of 5 Element technique, which we might get to see in this chapter too.

It is quite obvious that Jee is quite confident in his training and power & also, on the other hand, he has no option left to increase his level. We are quite sure that Sun II has nothing to do in this chapter.

Release Date:

As said, the chapter is going to release on 14th September this week on which we might get to know more about the new stuff he bought and also the Dragon Snakes ability. We are quite sure that the chapter won’t be postponed, but if something unfortunate happens, we will be there to inform you.

Note: The Episode is aired.