Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 Release Date Confirmed


2019 seems to be interesting for Anime fans. This year in 2018 we got to see a lot of new Anime & these anime leaves a good remark for their upcoming Season. One of the animes was Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger.

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Season 1 ended with Yevgraf death & making Yuliy more powerful. We saw how Yuliy’s half hai has turned to white, which we believe represents his power. After knowing the power of “Arc of Sirius” protecting it becomes Yuliy’s aim.

With today’s update, it got clear that Tenrou: Sirius The Jaeger Season 2  will release in Summer 2019. Talking about the release date, it is still waiting for an official confirmation. Like the last season, we are expecting vampires looking after the Arc Of Sirius & also along with other officials. With this, a lot of things were cleared in the 1st Season.

In the last Season, it was made clear that everyone is behind this Arc, which makes the Season 2 interesting.

We are not yet sure about the exact date for 2nd Season release, but we are aware of getting the news to you soon. We would also like your help to inform us if you come across it.

Note: This article will be updated once we get the confirmed release date.