Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9 – Release Date & Expectations


Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9

In the last episode, Sirius the Jaeger Episode 8 more insight about Arc of Sirius, which is in some mysterious box, at Sakhalin kept at the Sacred Place of Sirius. We see Yevgraf takes Mikhail to the Sacred Land Of the Sirius, to get the sealed the mystery box that was sealed by his father.

Even Yuliy along with a Jagger commander in Sakhalin .is on the way to search for the Box that has the Arc of Sirius. We saw how Yuli and the commander (It seems that the commander is also a Vampire)  gets into trouble. In Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9 we will see how Yuli and the old man are facing Lisa & Tamara.

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Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9 Expectation: 

Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9 will have 2 major stories. One is about Yuliy fighting against Lisa & Tamara & another of Mikhail & the Scientist. The Old man who is with Yuliy now is the only person to know the secret about the Box. We will see how Yuliy defeats both Lisa & Tamara in Ep 9. We will also get to know more about the Arc Of Sirius box from the old man.

The 2nd part of this Episode will talk about the scientist. As he said in the last episode that his research is the only solution to get the Arc of Sirius, it seems that his obsessiveness with Yevgraf will lead him to do something which he is not able to achieve. In this episode, we will also get to know more about his experiment.

Along with the scientist, we might also discover what is Yevgraf with Mikhail. We expect that Yevgraf would kill Mikhail once he gives him the Arc of Sirius Box.

Release Date:

Sirius the Jaeger Episode 9 will release on 9th September on their regular timing. If you have any information on this chapter do let us know in the comment below.

Update: This article is updated on 9th of Sept after the release of this Episode.