Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger episode 11 – Release Date & Spoiler


Tenrou Sirius the Jaeger Episode

Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger episode 11: Calling In Blood

Release Date: 20-Sept

Status: Released

Sirius The Jaeger episode 10 gave a clear idea of what “Arc Of Sirius” is all about. As expected by us in the spoiler this episode had everything starting from Scientist possessiveness, Yuliy meeting his father and some insight on Vampires. This Episode was more of giving insight into why all this is happening. There are just 2 episodes left for the first Season & in this two episode, we are going to see some intense battle.

It was quite surprising to see how Professor knowing everything about the Sirius. He explains that how the clan chooses their own people to carry the treasure left by their god. He then opens a secret gate that where he finds a rounded the crystal that he plans to give to Yuliy that will help him during the battle with the vampires.

In episode 10, it also becomes the intention of the Yevgraf behind the Ark Of Sirius has become clear. As the Vampires blood is affected & are suffering from some disease they need the Arc Of Sirius.

Talking about his dad, Yuliy meets him at the Holy Place, where his father sealed himself with the Arc Of Sirius. It also becomes clear to Yuliy about the sacrifice his dad gave for. In the end, his father gives him something that is most probably the “Arc of Sirius.”

In this Article, we are going to talk about the release date & our expectation on Episode 11.

Our Expectation: 

We already know that Yuliy has the Arc Of Sirius with him, which was Yevgraf plan. As seen in the Preview, Yuliy is on his own to close everything. But, before that happens we will be seeing Professor with the Jaegers joining Yuliy to give him on what he will require during the battle. We might see some interesting battle between Yuliy and Yevgraf & how Yecgraf will beg to the Arc.

Also, we saw how Yuliy takes his brother’s name in sorrow, which means that we could see Mikhail been defeated & dead. We don’t believe that the fight between the Vampires & Sirius. We will see how the Jaegers will join hand with Yuliy to defeat the vampires.

Release Date:

Tenrou: Sirius the JaegerEpisode 11 will release on 20th Sept next week. If there is any change in the schedule we will update you here. As we all know that the 1st Series will in 2 Episodes, which means that the last episode fo Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger happen on 28th this month.