Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Episode 10 – Looking Into The Past


Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Episode 10: Memories Of The Abyss

Release Date:13 Sept

Sirius the Jaeger Season 1 is about to end & it is getting interesting in each episode release. In Episode 9, we saw Lisa & Tamara getaway & warning Yuliy to meet again with Yevgraf. We also saw how Yevgraf interest to fight Yuliy with a clear intention to get him to open the “Arc Of Sirius“.

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If you look at our Episode 9 Spoiler, we said that we could see the Scientist doing something to impress Yevgraf. Mikhail already knows, if Yuliy gets captured, Yevgraf is going to use him to open the Arc of Sirius. One of the unexpected scenes here was to see the Jaeger going to Dogville to find something related to the “Arc of Syrus”.

The EP 9 also shows that Yuliy’s father is alive, which make the wait for the series more interesting & he is now in the hunt for this father & the “Arch Of Syrus”. Sirius the Jaeger Episode 10 will be released this week showcasing two major stories with Yuliy & Scientist battle & will also see Jaegers hunting the secret of Sirius in the Dogville.

Sirius the Jaeger Episode 10 Spoiler

It was expected to see the Scientist & in Ep 10 and in this episode we will be seeing how Yuliy fights against them. The bigger challenge here is to fight the bots (correct me if they are called something else) the scientist created. We have seen one of those in the early episode where Yuliy was not even able to defeat one. We will be seeing an intense battle between both of them for sure.

Talking about the other side of the story; We will be seeing the Jaeger starts searching in Yuliy’s village looking after his past. During their hut, we are quite sure that they will find something really interesting.

The Preview of EP 10 gave one big surprise. We saw a statement of Yuliy asking to know everything to his dad, which means that in this chapter we are going to see Yuliy’s. We are not sure if that is really going to happen, but the preview seems quite promising.

As we are left with just 3 more episodes, which means that every episode will get quite interesting with a lot of action packs.

Release Date:

Sirius the Jaeger Episode 10 will be released on 10th Sept, this week on their official timing. This has been confirmed officially. What we are really interested in is to see how the Season 1 will execute in the last battle of the “Arc Of Sirus.”