Tamil Movies April 2019 Updates


Tamil Movies Releasing in April 2019

Natpe Thunai

Natpe Thunai is Directed by Parthiban Desingu and produced by Sundar C. The theme of Friendship will be the highlight of Natpe Thunai. Initially it was reported that hockey was the main focus of the film, however, Aadhi revealed to a media portal that it appears in only the final 20 minutes of the film. Click here for Natpe Thunai Full Movie Download.

Ganesha Meendum Santhipom

Ganesha Meendum Santhipom is a Tamil comedy movie, directed by Ratheesh Erate. The cast of Ganesha Meendum Santhipom includes Oviya Helen, Singam Puli. Ganesha Meendum Santhipom. Subsequently, how that girl be able to deal with that situation? This forms the crux of the Ganesha Meendum Santhipom movie story. Click here for Ganesha Meendum Santhipom Full Movie Download

Uriyadi 2

Uriyadi 2 is an action thriller political Tamil Movie which was released on 5 April 2019. Also, the movie is directed by Vijay Kumar and produced by Suriya. Whereas Vijay Kumar, Sudhakar, and Vismaya are the main actors of the movie. The movie is about college students who took a step to join politics in the movie. Click here for Uriyadi 2 Full Movie Download.


Kee is a Tamil Sci-fi psychological thriller movie. Consist of Jiiva, Nikki Galrani and Anaika Soti in lead role. Siddharth (Jiiva) a game winner of an Online game. Who helps others in the game and end up risking their lives in real life. The movie is all about how he saves others. Click here for Kee Full Movie Download

Kanchana 3

Kanchana 3 is a Horror Comedy. Where Raghawa is the main character with Oviya and Vedhika. A ghost troubles a don and Raghawa helps getting rid of that ghost and later he changes his decision to help the ghost and take the revenge with the don. Click here for Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download

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