Goku Transforms Into A Super Saiyan God – Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 Update


Super Dragon Ball hero Episode 5

If you have have seen Dragon Ball Hero Episode 4, then you might be aware that Goku has now transformed into a Super Saiyan God again. The last time we saw him was with Beerus, God of Destruction & now this time is with the Evil Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Hero Episode 5 will release on 28th October & we are going to witness the most epic battle of the Super Dragon Ball Hero Series.

What is Super Saiyan God? 

Super Saiyan God is also known as Super Saiyan 4 which has the ability to destroy the universe in just few punches. This ability allows the Saiyan to use Godly Ki, which is way more powerful than a Ki & only who posses the power of God has an ability to use it.

Being such an intense power,it comes with a drawback. The Super Saiyan God uses a lot of energy and has a tendency to fade in quite easily, which means it’s just for a short time. As Goku has already used this power, we believe that he might be aware of how to use it.

Lately we had witnessed his Super Saiyan God power during his fight with Jiren. 

This ensures that the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 will show some intense battle between the Evil Saiyan & Goku. We also expect to see Vegeta to appear with the same power in this episode. Seeing Porata with Kaioshin indicates that she could use it with two Super Saiyan God, but we will have to wait until the episode is released.

We would like to know your thoughts on what you think about Goku’s Super Saiyan God power in the comment below.