Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Spoiler & Release Date


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4: Rage! Super Fu Appears!”

Release Date: 27 September

Status: This Episode is Aired

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 is out already and as expected, we saw an intense battle between Evil Saiyan and fused Goku & Vegeta. The Evil Saiyan overpowers both of them even having power great than Supreme Kais.

One of the biggest surprises was to see the Evil Saiyan transforming into a best, who is as huge as a mountain. The Episode 4 is about to release before the end of September & this confirms that the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 is going to be Epic.

We are not sure about the release date, but we expect it to Air before 25th Sept, as it is claimed to be released before this month. But, we have something that you might be interested in & that is Spoiler.

Spoiler Alert!

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 is titled, “Rage! Super Fu Appears” which clearly tells about how Fu will come in to stop the rage created by the Evil Saiyain in the Prison Planet. We have already seen how the chain breaks with his powerful force and might see the work in this episode.

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This episode will show an intense battle of all against Evil Saiyan’s transformation Fu. We will be seeing the tough time that Goku & Vegeta will go through his chaos. We have already see how Golden Coola is watching the battle & I believe that he is just waiting to spot the weakness to defeat. We might see Golden Coola’s to be involved in the next episode.

We will see how Fu turns into Super Fu will stop Evil Saiyan from breaking the chain with his power. As we are just left with 2 Episodes, it is obvious that we might see everyone on the battlefield. We might also see another Goku in this episode.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 will be released on 27 September as confirmed officially. Stay tuned to us to know more about this Episode.