Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission Chapter 5 – Everything About The Chapter


Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Episode Title:Dark Demon God Boo”

Release Date: Unknown

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission has become interesting. They first released 3 Chapters on 20th July & today their 4th chapter, “The Mysterious Cell X“. In Chapter 4 we saw Cell fighting against Vegeta, Trunk with the black Dragon Ball merged in his body. We also saw two new member of the Dark Empire fighting to get Cell down and get the Dragon Ball.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission Chapter 5 Spoiler 

At the end of the chapter 4 we saw Goku:Xeno fighting against Kid Buu: Xeno, which clearly shows the fight between both of them. In chapter 5, we will see Kid Buu merged with the Black Dragon, where Goku is fighting against him. As Goku is the strongest opponent we will see how the Dragon Empire Force surrounds Goku & Kid Buu to get the Black Dragon Ball.

We will be seeing Dabura, the Demon God in the battle, attacks Kid Buu to steal the Black Dragon Ball. You will see how Dabura tries to cuts Kid Buu into half, but becomes the victim himself. Kid Buu absorbs Dabura & become more powerful.

As said the Dragon Empire Forces are there, you will see how they attack the new Buu (let’s call it Buu Demon God) and get erased with just one attack. As soon as Buu Demon God beats everyone, he then attacks Goku. You will also see Chronoa appearing in the battlefield with Trunks & Vegeta. ( You will see an intense battle between Trunk & Buu & by that time Goku becomes Super Saiyan & Chronoa gives his Potara to Goku & Vegeta to transform them into Vegeta.

We will see a huge an amazing fight between Vegeto & Buu Demon God, but will also see an appearance of Chamel from Dark Emperor.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission Chapter 5 will also show Turles: Zeno from another dimension with 4 start Dragon ball facing against Salsa & Mechikabura from the Dark Emperor.

Release Date: 

We are not yet sure about the release date of this chapter, but we are sure that we can get our hands on it soon. We are also looking if we can have our hands on the Raw files, so that we know more about the episode.