DC is the universe I’m all for, DC gave us some amazing superheroes. Batman is my favorite among all. Though, DC is not just about superheroes. Last year when Suicide Squad live action film came on the theaters we all (fan of DC) proved that DC makes some amazing superheroes and best villains as well. Because of all the fame Suicide Squad, the movie received it’s getting another chance and this time in form of animation.

Trailer of the new Suicide squad movie is out and it is titled as “Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay”. This team of villains which is known as Task Force X is not going to share it’s screen time with the Dark Knight in this next movie. It’s going to be about the Task Force X and we might not see Batman in this movie (which is just not possible). Though according to the story this team of villain surely wishing for Dark Knight to come and fight with them. As they are going against an immortal Vandal Savage, taking him out might be not an option in this movie.

Voices Behind Heroes (villains)
The voice of Deadshot is given by Christan Slater, Tara Strong once again going to give life to the Harley Quinn with her voice. Liam McIntyre is going to give Captain Boomerang’s voice. Kristin Bauer van Straten as Killer Frost, Billy Brown as Bronze Tiger. Gideon Emery showing Copperhead’s voice. While the voice of the person who is behind Task Force X is Vanessa Williams as Amanda Waller.

After watching the trailer he trailers the presence of Silver Banshee and Vandal Savage is confirmed. But that’s not it from the sources it is confirmed that villains like Zoom, Two-Face, Knockout, Vertigo, Professor Pyg, Blockbuster, and Tobias Whale are also going to get their screen time in this new Suicide Squad movie. Dania Ramirez’s Scandal Savage, Vandal’s daughter who has also worked with Deadshot in the Secret Six might appear in this movie. And is she comes, she will be taking the side of our favorite Task Force X rather than fighting with from her father’s side.