Steins Gate 0 Episode 1 review


Great story, art, and animation, Steins Gate 0 episode one was amazing. I have watched it and here is my Steins Gate 0 Episode 1 review.

My Review
This returning season of Steins Gate is the true sequel to the original Steins Gate. Though this season is portraying events that happened before the real ending of Steins Gate series. Basically, you can also say that Steins Gate 0 is the spin-off of the visual novel that is set in a different time where Mamoru Miyano was unable to save Kurisu Makise.

Now in this series, our mad scientist looks totally different, he didn’t seems like the one we see in the original anime series. Not just because of his attire and messy hairs but the expressions on his face are also changed. The reason behind this change in the character of Mamoru Miyano (mad scientist) are the flashbacks that hunt him, flashbacks of him unable to save Kurisu Makise.

He is continuously sifting through the different timelines to prevent Kurisu Makise from dying. He still fails in saving her, and this increased the stress on his shoulders and led him to the point where he gave up because of the level of stress. In this episode, it is mentioned that Miyano haven’t been to his lab for a while now and the only place he is visiting is the counseling. Just because of the mental stress he is going to counseling.

In the end, we get to the changes that have come to the Miyano because of the Makise event. But it has been made clear that Makise is back in this timeline. She is back in the form of an A.I. named “Amadeus.” Now, how they get this? How Makise is back? Well with the help of a Scientist professor and a new character named Maho, introduced in this episode. Both of them created a system that can take the memories of a human and creates a projection (an A.I.). They also stated in the episode that A.I. could feel human emotions as they got a heart. Which means they created an A.I. that can retain the memories of his previous life as a human.

Just after seeing the first episode of the Steins Gate 0 I’m very excited to see more of it. The pacing, the story, the animation everything was just fine. I’m excited for the next episode.