Spoiler – One Punch Man Chapter 94


One Punch Man Manga  94

Release Date is yet to become official: It is expect to be release by August mid. 

I have been waiting for the One Punch Man Chapter 94 for a log time. We all know that all the Hero are going to Monsters basement. On the other hand, no one knows where Saitama is. We might see that Saitama to meet Garou & the kids. We already have the access to the RAW files & we know that the manga will release soon by August. Also this Chapter will have around 100 pages, which means we will have a huge story going around.

So, with the RAW images we have, here is our Spoiler on One Punch Man Manga Chapter 944.

One Punch Man Chapter 94:

With King, all the heroes are out to fight the monsters, but King himself is waiting for Saitama. In this Episode, we will see how the Hero Community will fight against the monsters & on the other hand King along with other heroes will be going to find Monster community basement.

Talking about Garou, who has already entered the monsters basement is fighting with Lord Orochi. Whereas, Saitama is just wondering around. We wonder that Genos, will be waiting for Saitama to come & won’t have a change to check his new suite.

Being a 100 pages chapter, we will see every arc. Starting with Garou, he is surprising everyone with his ability to get healed. We will see how Garou goes through an intense battle against Lord Orochi. We might see that Lord Orochi will be defeating Garou in every attack & Garou getting over it again and again. We will see how Garou will develop his power to defeat Orochi.

On the next scene we will see how the Heroes will be defeating every monsters in the city. We will see how the Tactical team will head towards the Z-city killing the monsters in the. The Tactical team has already taken their movie & we might see new characters ability and power.

Now, Saitama. He is out in the tunnel. We might see Saitama getting where Garou is. & we might see how he defeats Lord Orochi. Lookin at this Garou and other will get shocked. But Lord Orochi is  a combination of so many monsters, we might see him getting back. We might see a initial battle between Saitama and Orochi. (gilberteyecare.com)

So, this is our version of One Punch Man Chapter 94 Spoiler. Let us know, what you think about this in the comment below.