Spoiler Alert – Dragon Ball Super Episode118


Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Spoiler

For all the fans of Dragon Ball Super, I have a new episode spoiler for you. After digging deep I found the Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Spoiler.

Spoiler Alert

This episode is going to title as “ACCELERATING TRAGEDY: A UNIVERSE VANISHES!” and it will start with Gohan and Piccolo’s Vs Universe 6 last standing warriors. (Alprazolam) Both Gohan and Piccolo are having a hard time fighting these two warriors from Universe 6. Saonel and Pirina are the names of these last two warriors. So in order to end this at once, Piccolo will think of a comeback attack that will stun their opponents and will help them to win the match.

Other than that we will be seeing Freiza as well. Right, when Frieza was about to attack Zarabuto and his friends, Goku interrupts him but knocking Zarabuto and his friend with his special Kamehameha. This will surely make Frieza furious as Goku steal his attack pleasures.

Below is a screenshot/source to prove all this that I just told you. I was desperate to know what will happen next and in order to satisfy my desperation I ended up finding all this. I know many of you are also want to know about this so just enjoy.

Namekian from Universe 6 is more evolved than that of Universe 7. This will make it an interesting fight. Though I’m not worried about the Universe 7 as Gohan and Piccolo is a good team and with their powerful fighting combos Universe 6 Namekian won’t able to keep up.