Shokugeki No Souma season 3 episode 1 review


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For all those who love cooking and love to watch food wars here, I’m with my reviews on another fall season anime “SHOKUGEKI NO SOUMA: SAN NO SARA“. It is the season three of the Shokugeki No Souma season 3. Before I say anything I wanted to tell you that the first episode is just delicious. I personally love food wars as their plot are different from what we usually see. Throughout every series of Shokugeki No Souma, i crave for eating something, sometime in middle and sometime after the end of series but hunger is sure to strike while watching it. But let it be and just dive directly into Shokugeki No Souma season 3 episode 1 review.

My Review

This season series is continued from where they left in the last season but this season we have a new plot and some new conflicts as well, that we can see in the first episode.

The conflict in this season is going to be elite ten who the reputed chefs and known for their best cooking and we know Soma who loves to compete in order to become a great chef. I mean challenging you is good and to challenge someone better from you is also good but in this season directly went to challenge the elite ten who the best. So Soma stated with challenging Kuga but Kuga tell him that he will only compete with him if he proves himself to compete with Kuga.

For all those who don’t know who is Kuga, Kuga is the 8th seat of the Elite group and well recognized for his Chinese cuisine. So to make him self-worthy or you may say to gain some popularity like Kuga (who is well reputed and popular) Souma decides to enter in the Moon festival which is basically a school festival that is held at the end of every August.

From my understanding and what I see in the episode, I think Souma don’t know much about this Moon festival and Kuga. But he went to the Chinese cuisine society where he gets to see Kuga and tasted his specialty which is spicy and delicious.

Souma gets starstruck by the taste of Kuga’s specialty and he doesn’t have any counter plan to match it. But still, because he is confident about his cooking he decides to book the boot right in front of Kuga’s booth in the Moon festival. Now we have to wait for another episode to see what is Souma’s plan to go against Kuga.

What do I like the most?

The conflict and the plot are pretty promising and after watching the first episode I’m desperately waiting to see what will happen next.