Sasuke’s discussion – What We Can Expect On Boruto Episode 53


Okay, I know from the title you must think why am I discussing Boruto episode 52 again. But there was something in the episode that I wanted to describe in a separate post. Most of you must also know what I’m going to discuss. So, here is my Boruto Episode 52 Sasuke’s discussion.

Let me tell you, the next couple of episodes are going to be lit. You want to know why? Because we are finally entering the chunin exam part that everyone is waiting for so long. Next episode is going to be Himawari’s birthday, and if you remember the Boruto and Naruto talk in episode 50, I think Naruto is going to make his another appearance in the next episode. But most of all I’m excited about the Sasuke’s appearance.

He is certainly going to make his screen time in the next episode. From the last few seconds of Boruto episode 52 I can say there is going to be a fight between Momshiki and Sasuke in the next or next-to-next episode. Fighting is going to be light, we know Sasuke is savage.But if you think hard, Sasuke just comes back from his journey. And for those who don’t know that Sasuke’s time and space ninjutsu absorb a lot of his chakra. Which means Sasuke might have lost his 40% chakra, Now when Momoshiki is going to attack his, he is going to face a little difficulty. Though we all know Sasuke is savage. The fight is going to be totally banger and I can see that it’s going to be one of the best fights of Boruto series.