Samurai Champloo, Why I should watch it?




Created by Shinichiro Kobayashi in 2013, Samurai Champloo is one of the best anime series. If you have watched it you can say it is a follow-up to Cowboy Bepop. Inspired by the hip-hop culture and then blend it with the samurai era of Japan. Becuase of this unique layer of story and character this one is everyone’s favorite and ranked on number #26 by IGN on its list of 100 Animes to watch before you die.

Why should you watch it?

The story has 3 main characters  Jin “the classic samurai”, Fuu “the girl they work for” and Mugen “Another samurai who don’t give a fuck”. Mugen is my personal favorite as he doesn’t have to follow and samurai rules he can just do whatever he wishes. There is another character who seems to be a mystery during the entire series and Fuu mentioned him as “the samurai who smells like sunflower”. Now other than that there several things that make it a unique series.


Here are some reasons that may convince you to watch “Samurai Champloo”.

Going against the authority

The series portrays many scenes of abuses from the imperial provincial governments that include threatening the townspeople, rejecting outside people, stealing people’s money, ruining businesses of local townspeople, shaking hand with the local Yakuza gangs, also stealing money from their townspeople. In a simple sentence, you can say they are frustratingly hard-headed bullies. This gives rise to the rebel inside us and also does the same for Mugen, Jin, and Fuu as all they perform actions that repudiate the authority of the local governments and have no issues with enacting violence against these dictatorial government personages when they threaten them for their lives.

Unique but well balanced

Series involves several them that could have been messed up and ruin the series. But learning from the mistakes of their elder series “Cowboy Bebop” they are able to keep their viewers engaged and overwhelmed with a healthy amount of fight scenes that surely consists of swords and chasing. But other than just fighting, there is love and relationship, failed cases of womanizing by Mugen. Most importantly the artwork and the scenery used for the series is just amazing. Series is perfect for all genre of people.

Little about characters excellent talent.

Starting from Jin who is a circumspect, serious, and somewhat quiet but insanely skilled Rohin. He is 20 years old and for who don’t know Rohin means “a samurai without a master or lord”. Dark past in which he killed his dojo master out of self-defense, he is on an outrun from his fellow dojo members.

Now Fuu is a 15-year-old eccentric girl who ended up as a failed tea house waitress. Though she saved the life of other two heroes from the execution and to repay their depth both our heroes becomes her bodyguard in her journey to find our unknown samurai who smells of sunflower.

Mugen Now what to say about him, just by looking at his it looks like he is short tampered swordsmen with insane talent. He is 19 years old former pirate who loves t pick fight with others for no or little reasons. His fighting style is different from conventional samurais and got a touch of hip-hop in it. He is a rebel who wants freedom from the imperial government. But with all his bad attitude and angry personality, he got a good heart and always stands up to protect week.

Now there is one more thing, Jin is exactly opposite of Mugen and they both want to kill each other and that is what makes them fight hard in the entire series. As they have made  a bet to each other that, “I will be the only one to slay you”

What I like the most

Considering hip-hop culture and then blending it into the Edo-era is certainly a good choice that its writer has made. Other than theme I love its soundtrack too. Battel cry by Nujabes and Shing02 is my personal favourite introduction to any show.