Radiant Episode 5 – Everything You Need to Know


Radiant Episode 5

Radiant Episode 5: A Paradise Of Wisdom & Hope

Release Date: 4 November

Status: Aired

Radiant Anime is completely different from their Manga series & in the Last episode, we see Alma meeting Doc that she hired to get Nemesis remains. Later in the episode, we see Seth fighting in a Ship where he got arrested.

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We also see how Seth thinks about Alms words to visit Artemis tow and meet Yaga. Later we see he meets Melie another Sorcerer who was captured along with Seth. Later Seth, Doc & Melie escapes they ship & moves toward Artemis.

If you are wondering about Episode 5, then you are reading the right article. In this Article, we are going talk about the Spoiler & release date for this episode.


We will finally see Seth visiting the Artemis town, but by the time they reach there, they will know that the ceremony has finished and they will have to wait for 3 weeks for the next ceremony. Later they plan to visit the place, which really does not looks like a research lab.

During their visit, we will see Seth will meet the Yellow cat hosting a shown in the town. Later in this episode, we will see him meeting Yaga, who is the Thirteen of the upper Coven, who have thought a lot of powerful Sorcerers.

We are not sure if we could see more about Yaga in this episode, but it is sure that we will see Seth and other enjoying the town and will find some hope for Radiant.

Release Date:

Talking about the release date of the episode, we are going to see Radiant Episode 5 on 3rd November. If you want to discuss anything about this episode, feel free to ask in the comment below.