Radiant Episode 3 – Release Date & Our Expectation


Radiant Episode 3

Radiant Episode 3: The Day Of Departure

Release Date: 20-October 2018

Status: Released

Radiant has become our new watch list in the Anime Series & this is turning out to be interesting. They have just released 2 Episodes & have got a good fan base. In the last episode, we saw how Seth saves everyone on the bank from Nemesis attack.

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His defense makes it clear that he has advanced his Socorro limit & have activated some power. On the other hand, we see Alma being worried about Seth. This makes it clear that Seth is going to be one big time Socorro.

So, what can we expect from the next episode? There is a clear change that Seth will be fighting back to the Nemesis, but at the same time are expecting to see Alma appear in this episode. To make things clear let’s discuss what we can see in Radiant Episode 3.

Our Expectation:

As the title of the 3rd Episode, “The Day Of Departure” clearly says that the next episode will be Seith’s last day in the village, but will that really happen? Before we talk about this, let’s discuss the fight between Sith & Nemesis.

As we have seen Sith activating his new power, even the “Bravery Quartet” get surprised seeing Seth deflecting the Nemesis attack. There are chances that he will be collapsed during the battle & at the same time, we might see Alma’s appearance. We really can’t say if Seth would defeat the Nemesis, but it sure that he will become the true hero.

Now, talking about his departure, there is a huge chance that Alma could apologize everyone on his mistake & would take the departure. But, seeing Seith’s effort on saving the village, we might see the people refusing him to be out. But, it is too early to say anything right now.

Release Date:

Radiant will release on 20th October & on this day we can finally see if Seth and Alma will leave them down or will stay with the people protecting the town. We would like to know your thought on the Radiant Episode 3.