Prestory of Detective Conan – Movie 22 – zero enforcer


All the fans of Detective Conan know about the new movie. They all are hyped about it as the trailer was really enticing. There is still time for the release of the film. But April 7, is an important date for the fans of Conan.

On 7th April, prestory of the new Conan Movie “The Detective Conan Zero Enforcer” which is created by Aoyama Gyosechu will be released in the TV episode of “Detective Conan.”On the same day, the episode titled as “cake melted!” will air. This episode is important because the main character in “Zero Enforcer” will make his appearance.

The movie will be portraying how Police department will jeopardize the privacy of innocent public to get their hands on big fish.In all this, Conan will be fighting for justice of people. I’m not sure about the release date, but reportedly it is set to release on 13 April 2018.

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