Phantom in the Twilight Episode 9 – Release Date & Spoiler


 Phantom in the Twilight Episode 9

Phantom in the Twilight episode 9: The Pursued & the protector

Release Date: September 3, 2018

Phantom in the Twilight is getting interested. In Epsidoe 7 we saw how Ton releases her power & injures Haysin & his summon. Talking about Episode 8, we saw how everyone tries to comfort Ton & by the end of the episode we see how she regains her power & memory. It is now clear that Ton along with others is going out to find Mu Shinyao & Chris.

Looking at the preview of Phantom in the Twilight episode 9, it is clear that the episode will focus more on Mu Shinyao & Chris. It is obvious that this episode will have a combination of action & mystery. Let’s find out in the spoiler below.

What can we expect? 

In this episode, we will see Mu Shinyao & Chris hiding from Backup and his surveillance. They somehow will manage to find peace, but that will not last long. We will see Chris fighting against the summon & protecting Shinyao. Later we will be seeing Haysin’s army to come to take Shinyao & during that we will see Chris getting shot.

On the other part of the story, we will see Ton & other on their way to find Shinyao. As we all know that Ton has already regained her power and memory, which means we might get to see her in action again (Most probably in Ep 10). We will also see how Haysin will order one of his members to kill Van in the hospital.

The Mystery:

Talking about the mystery, we saw how Haysin tells Backup about Shinyao & is power. It seems that Shinayo is not aware of her power. We are expecting to see Shinyao’s ability in Episode 9 while one of Haysin’s member shoot Chris or can see in the future episode.

Release Date: 

Phantom in the Twilight episode 9 is going to be aired on 3rd September on their regular timing. We are expecting the Episode 9 to unlock some mystery about the past.