Overlord Season 4: By When Can We Expect?


Overlord Season 4 release date

Overlord III has finally come to an end with Ainz dominating the world with his power. By the end of the final episode, we saw his plan to acquire the entire world. His underlings are all set to fulfill Aniz’s dream.

We are now expecting to see the 4th Season in which Ainz will plan for Sorcerer King. Overlord fans are also waiting for the announcement for the 4th Seasons, but by when it will release is another big question. We all know that the Overlord Season 4 will an adaption of the 10th Volume, but how much content they will adapt cant be sure.

By When Can We Expect Overlord Season 4?

The Season 4 will adapt light novel volume 10, 11 & 12 & it is quite sure that it will take some production time to get the new season out. We are quite sure that we cannot expect the 4th Season before 2020. In most of the forums, it is said that it might come on the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Looking at the production work & their Light Novel Manga adaption, it is obvious that we could expect to see Overlord IV by 2021 Q1. As this is just our prediction, we might have to wait for an official confirmation. But, looking at the releases we are expecting that the new season will release not sooner than 2021. Now, all we can do is wait.