Overlord III Episode 13 – The Duel


Overlord III Episode 13

Episode: Overlord III Episode 13

Release Date: 2nd October 2018

Status: Aired

Update: The Episode is aired. Enjoy watching it on Anime Streaming website

Overlord III Episode 12 was really a one sided episode. We saw how everyone is frightened with Ainz Ooal Gown’s Army. With just one Magic Spell he eliminates 70,000 people in an instant. Over to that, he summons his Devil Goats that destroys the whole army.

He makes one thing to his devil goats to not kill 4 people & we already know who they are. It becomes clear that Ainz desire was to see the effect of his new magic spell (Dark Fertility magic).

By the end of the episode we see how he ask Gazef Stroff to become his subordinate & if he agrees he will spare everyone. Being loyal to his Kingdom, he denies his proposal and request for a Duel. With his statement, it becomes clear that we will be seeing Ainz Ooal Gown in action. (Zolpidem) So, what do you expect to see in Overlord III Episode 13?

Warning: Read the below spoiler on your own risk.

Overlord III Episode 13 Spoiler:

Gazef has now challenged Ainz & now there is no falling back for both of them. As we have seen how Ainz use his Pause spell to stop his devil goats to eliminate everyone. Now, it is important for us to know if he will release the spell or will agree for a duel with Gazef?

As this battle has become just one sided, we will be seeing the end of this battle in the same episode. We will be witnessing Gazef’s using his magical sword to cut through Ainz. There is no doubt that Ainz will be easy on him, which will make an interesting duel battle.

Release Date:

It has been confirmed that Overlord III Episode 13 will release on 02 October 2018. We would like to know your thought on what you expect from this episode.