Overlord 3 Episode 12 – The Battle Starts


 Overload 3 Episode 12

Episode: Overlord III Episode 12

Release date: 25 Sept

Status: Aired

Update: The Episode is Aired. Do share your thoughts with us.

Overlord 3 Episode 11 is already out & it was really unbelievable to see Enri to summon over 5000 goblins in the battle. Prince Barbro who was in the Carne village to talk turns out to start a battle. It was really surprising even for Ainz Ooal Gown to understand how Enri could summon these many Goblins.

By the end of this episode, we saw Lupisregina visiting the place where the Prince Barbro and his soldiers & with just one intention to kill everyone. She brings the soldiers of Goblins & kills everyone present there. According to her, the prince is not necessary for Ainz plan.

With this, it becomes obvious that we could the War between the Kingdom and Ainz will be interesting. Hence, we are here to discuss the release date and our expectation from the episode 12 of Overlord 3.

Our Expectation: 

As Prince Barbro is dead, we will be seeing the effect in the both Baharuth Empire and Re-Estize Kingdom. We will see them taking the step further in the war. The initiation of the war is expected to be seen in this episode. Talking about the Nobels, who think that their losses will be minimal even if Ainz appears will have to go through a huge loss in the war.

The Head Warrior, on the other hand, is aware of Ainz power believe that the army will not be enough to take Ainz down. We will see Ainz & the other Kingdom preparing for the war. Also, we will see how the Re-Estize Kingdom will react to his son’s death in this episode. It is expected that we will see the start of the battle between Ainz army and the two Kingdoms.

Release Date: 

Overlord 3 Episode 12 will be released on 25 Sept on their official timing. This has been confirmed & there are very few changes in the change of schedule. If there is any, you know where to watch the latest Anime update.