Overlord 3 Episode 11 – Release Date & Spoiler


Overload 3 Episode 11

Overlord III Episode 11: Another Battle

Release Date: 18 Sept

Status: Aired

Note: The Episode is aired

In the last episode of Overlord 3 EP 10, we saw how everyone prepares for the war. The King made Marquis Raevan the leader of all the units who will guide everyone in the war. At the same time, we also saw how the king is preparing a war agents Ainz Ooal Gown.

Everyone in the kingdom is aware of Gowns ability and power. To protect his son, the King send him to investigate at Carne Village, which was once saved by Gown. It seems that they can find some information about the enemy in detail. There is no doubt that they have any chance against Gown, but watching the war will be quite interesting.

In this Article, we are going to see the release date & Spoiler for Overlord 3 Episode 11,. If you have anything to sage, feel free to share in the comment below.


In the upcoming episode of Overlord 3 will not show the war, but we might see some more detail on the conflict between the nobles and the King. We might see more of the preparation happening this episode. We have already seen Ainz Ooal Gown submitting his army.

There is no doubt that Gown is a way to power than any of the warrior & this is what makes the episode to wait for. As said, we might not see the battle in this upcoming episode, but it is sure that this will be the start of the battle. I believe that everyone would be eagerly waiting for the next episode to release.

It is also said that we might get to see some insight from the Carne Village regarding Gown. Talking about the action, it is expected to be seen after the Episode 11 of Over Load 3. As said in the episode their plan to attack is day after, which means that will happen in Episode 12.

Release Date: 

Overlord 3 episode 11 will release tomorrow that is 18-September in their official timing. We are sure that you all will be eagerly waiting to see this episode tomorrow. We would appreciate your thoughts in the comment below. We are open to any discussion that is related to Anime/Manga.