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One Piece Manga Chapter 949

Source: Hebi HemiIf you have read One Piece Chapter 948, then you might agree on that Kawamatsu, Kikunojo and Raizo were not expected in this episode. In fact, I was wondering them to get revealed in One Piece Manga 949. On the other hand, Luffy being on their side bring a lot of action. Hence, I am here to share my expectation on One Piece Chapter 949. I will also let you know about One Piece Chapter 949 Release date.

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Read One Piece Chapter 949

One Piece Chapter 949 is out already. In this chapter, we see how Luffy encourage other prisoners to fight against Kaido and also defeat the Jailer. to read One Piece manga 949 – Click Here

One Piece Chapter 949 Spoiler 

One Piece Chapter 949 SPOILERS from r/OnePiece

Update: One Piece Chapter 949 will be another Spoiler. In this chapter, we will see the flashback and see about Ace and he coming to the Wano.

One thing is clear that this chapter will be one of the best One Piece Manga chapters. What builds up the excitement is seeing Kawamatsu, Kikunojo, and Raizo together again. Everyone who was declared dead was hiding to this opportunity. In One Piece Chapter 949, we might finally see them in action. Also, Luffy being with them means we might soon see Kaido appearance.

This is obvious that we will see the legends fighting with the prisoners and the Head jailor. Also, we might see Fukurikuju in this chapter and that’s because of Raizo of the Mist. It is shown in Chapter 948 that Fukurokuju is an old enemy of Raizo, that hypes the possibility of his appearance.

On the other hand, Babanuki will finally have to use Queen’s weapon. Because that is the only opting left with him. In fact, in this chapter, we might actually get to know the true power of the Read Sheath and Kikunojo. Apart from this, more surprises are definitely waiting in One Piece 949th Chapter.

Release Date

One Piece 949 (Scanned Version) will be released on 19th July 2019. Whereas, the official chapter will get a release on the same day. As soon as the Scan copy for One Piece Manga Chapter 949 gets out, we might get to know more about this chapter. We might soon share you the RAW Scan, hence follow us.

One Piece Manga Chapter 949 RAW Scan

Check the RAW Sacan of One Piece Manga 949.

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