OnePiece Characters Will Get A Makeover – Check Nami’s New Outfit


I do believe that every OnePiece is quite bored looking at the same outfit on all the characters. If so, then you might soon get to see a new outfit or I may say a makeover in coming Manga 912.

OnePiece fans love Nami & one of those fans is me. I had read the One Piece 911 and the 912 is going to awesome. But, this article is not a Spoiler. It’s an update on Namie’s new outfit update.

You will see the Nami in a very pretty one-piece dress and quarter length sleeves. A single colored outfit with flower embroidery & with her hair open makes her look much prettier.

With this new outfit in the coming Manga, we are actually eager to see Sanji’s reaction.

With this, it is also clear that the rest of all the members will also be given a makeover. We are still wondering how Luffy and his other members would be looking. We can see some changes in the Skeleton though.