One Punch Man Chapter 97 – Release Date & Our Expectation


One Punch Man Chapter 97

Chapter: One Punch Man Manga 97

Release Date: 4th October 2018

Status: Aired

Update: The Chapter is aired. Enjoy reading the chapter on Manga streaming websites.

One Punch Man Chapter 96 is out and it showed some amazing action of Flashy Flash. Exploring Flashy’s character was obvious, but seeing his true form really blown our mind. With this, it is clear that we will see more about other heroes in the upcoming chapter of One Punch Man.

In the last chapter, we saw both the villains fight Flashy Flash in their true form. We saw some kickass action that holds back Flashy for few seconds, but, in the end, he cut both the villains into pieces. It was even surprising for those villains to see his hidden power, which he was hiding for the right time.

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At the end of this chapter, we see how Flashy loses his communication device during his fight. It is clear that the upcoming chapters will be focused on other characters. Hence we are here to discuss what we expect from the One Punch Man Manga Chapter 97.

Our Expectation:

One Punch Man Chapter 97 will definitely not talk about Flashy, but some other hero character. We have already seen about Atomic Samurai, Silver Fang & Tatsumaki character is already know, whereas King is a concern we are really not sure by when will we see him in the chapter. The only character that left with is Zombieman.

We haven’t seen Zombieman in action yet & this becomes quite promising that Zombieman can be the only option that we could see him in the next chapter. As said, this is just our expectation, we will have to wait for an official confirmation or episode update.

Release Date:

According to the official update, the episode will be released on 4th October that, but if there is any change we will be updating you here.